The History of WN Foods: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Chinatown 1940s.png(Photo from Gorillas Don’t Blog)

It was 1942, and the USA was in the middle of World War II. Shipments of goods from across the Pacific Ocean were sparse, creating a scarcity of soy sauce around the country. With determination and an entrepreneurial spirit, George Hall—a family man and civil engineer with the U.S. Navy—rented out a basement in San Francisco’s Chinatown and founded WN Foods as a soy sauce manufacturer. From here, he used authentic formulas and ingredients he had brought from China to produce Wing Nien Longevity Brand Soy Sauce, which he began selling around Chinatown. It was a modest start that launched what would become a highly successful family business with a rich 75-year history.

Up next… Chapter 2: The 1940s!

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