A Day In The Life Of A WN Foods Sauce

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As you take your bite of sweet & sour chicken, you are greeted with a bright burst of flavor. The crispy, savory chicken works in perfect harmony with the smooth tanginess of our Longevity Sweet & Sour Sauce. You start to wonder how something so incredibly delicious came to be at your restaurant table.

Luckily, WN Foods is here to satisfy your curiosity! Let’s take a look at a day in life of our sauces.



Our sauce recipes are either from our clients or developed by our lab. Once we have a perfect recipe, our cooking department whips up the sauces with the finest ingredients and care, always following top safety standards. The cooking time varies depending on the sauce, but as soon as they’re ready, it’s time for the next step: quality assurance!

Quality Assurance


Samples from each batch of sauce are taken and meticulously analyzed in our quality assurance lab to ensure they’re both safe and exactly as the client asked. They’re tested on things like pH, salt, Brix, water activity, viscosity, and others. If all the requirements are met, then it’s time for packing.



The packing process at WN Foods is completely automated with cutting-edge technology so that our products will always be consistently packed and sealed. We pack sauces in bottles and portion packs (the packets you’re probably familiar with, like our Double Hi Soy Sauce packets). Our packing department also takes samples of each case to make sure that there are no defects. We want only the most flawless sauces for our customers!



We ship our sauces in carefully-wrapped cases out to a wide range of clients. Whether it’s restaurants, grocery stores, or other industrial food companies, we make sure their orders reach them quickly and safely.


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WN Foods’ sauces have now reached their final destination, where they are ready to be enjoyed by you!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through our sauces’ life. Got more questions? Learned something new? Just want to chat about your favorite sauces? Let us know in the comments!

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Here at WN Foods, we co-pack high quality sauces, cooked with the finest ingredients. If you would like us to manufacture your sauce recipe, or if you would like our food science team to help you develop your own sauce, please contact us at (510) 487-8877 or wingnienfoods@gmail.com.

Favorite WN Foods Moments

WN Foods has been in business since 1942. That’s 76 years worth of happy moments and fun times with our family and our loyal partners! We know it’s hard to pick favorites, but let’s take a look at some of our staff’s most fond memories.

Bernadette: “I always enjoy creating new sauces: starting from scratch, sourcing new concepts and required ingredients, making bench top samples, and testing product specifications to make sure they achieve the product’s safety and also sensory tasting to achieve the best quality, of course. However, the absolute best moments for me are looking at people’s face as they enjoy the sauces I create. I was very happy to have the opportunity to create more than 20 sauces for ECRM Private Brand Food Show event in 2015 – I remember one of the happiest moments was when I found out that one of the sauces (Thai Red Curry) I made got picked as the winner, and WN Foods was honored with 2015 Buyer’s Taste Award.”

Linda: “My best moment at WN Foods is when I received a big gold coin for my 30 years services anniversary award from the company. This award will always remind me of the company’s appreciation.”

Gregory: “One of the great moments (of many) that I remember is when we had a production issue and the customers truck was waiting at our dock to pick up the product. The original estimate was that it would take a week solve the problem and have the product ready to ship. The customer couldn’t wait that long, so the entire WN team came together to fix the problem in 24 hours. Every person from every department volunteered to help and worked as a team to meet the needs of the customer. The customer received their product on time and I was never more proud of the entire WN staff.”

Kiana: “My favorite moment at WN Foods was the 70th anniversary party. We held a big party with all our friends and family where we got to enjoy fresh meals from food trucks, impressive lion dances, and heartfelt speeches from our staff. It was really touching, and I’ll always remember it.”

Hanh: “Every year, we always look forward to the WN Foods annual Christmas party. One of my favorite moments is the Christmas party of 2016 when Kiana pulled my name from the drawing box to win a TV, and Gregory thought Kiana and I worked together to rig the drawing.”

Peter: “My favorite moment at WN Foods would be lunch time of everyday. We get to wind down, sit and discuss about anything whether it be about our family issues, if we gained weight, jokes, etc. Sometimes all the female workers talk about their womanly issues like I am not there (laughs).”

Margaret: “In 2014, we had an event to celebrate Jon’s retirement. Prior to the event, countless hours were poured into planning by the whole office as well as the operations crew. Team members prepared every detail during office hours and over the weekends with nothing but smiles and best efforts. True teamwork was at play for this celebration with 200 friends & colleagues & business partners. On the day of the event, what we witnessed were all the happy memories of an devoted employee who have given 30 years of service to the company, and what he got in return was all the love and life long friendship by the peers and suppliers and clients. But most of all, the deep appreciation and heart felt love from the owner’s family. That, to me, is priceless and that’s what sets this company apart from many other business. It’s got soul. Therefore, it has been and always be one of my favorite moments of my years in this big family.”

Huge thanks to our team for taking a walk down memory lane. It’s fun to reminisce, isn’t it? Readers, do you have any favorite WN Foods moments? If so, please share them with us!

Here at WN Foods, we co-pack high quality sauces, cooked with the finest ingredients. If you would like us to manufacture your sauce recipe, or if you would like our food science team to help you develop your own sauce, please contact us at (510) 487-8877 or wingnienfoods@gmail.com.

3 Easy Asian Fusion Recipes

Thanks to airplanes and the Internet, globalization is on the rise. Food cultures clash and combine, and sometimes form entirely new genres as a result. Asian fusion food is one of the most prominent examples of this; it takes traditionally Asian ingredients and incorporates them into other famous dishes like burritos, tacos, and pizza. Sounds great, right? Let’s look at a few recipes for homemade Asian fusion food!

Sushi Burrito

If you live in a major US city, you may have seen sushi burritos on the news. Restaurants serving these jumbo maki rolls had lines of around entire city blocks because people just couldn’t get enough. Don’t worry though, you no longer have to wait in line. Sushi burritos are actually quick and easy to make at home! We recommend this recipe from Spoon University with our Double Hi Soy Sauce.

Ginger Chicken Tacos

(Photo from Well Plated)

Ginger chicken is common in Chinese and Thai dishes, and is great when eaten in a taco shell with fresh vegetables. It’s nutritious and packed with complex flavors, but it’s quite simple to prepare! Just follow this recipe from Well Plated and you’ll be ready for taco night in no time.

Thai Chicken Pizza

(Photo from What’s Gaby Cooking)

We know that peanut sauce on pizza sounds strange, but trust us and the many other fans of this pizza when we say that it’s a match made in heaven. The crunchy vegetables, creamy peanut sauce, and tender chicken all sitting on a golden brown pizza crust… what more could you ask for? Check out this recipe from What’s Gaby Cooking to try Thai chicken pizza for yourself!

So, are you hungry yet? Which of these Asian fusion recipes will you try first? Let us know in the comments!

Here at WN Foods, we co-pack high quality sauces, cooked with the finest ingredients. If you would like us to manufacture your sauce recipe, or if you would like our food science team to help you develop your own sauce, please contact us at (510) 487-8877 or wingnienfoods@gmail.com.