Cooking With Beverages

Today we’re cooking with beverages! No, not just milk or water. Let’s learn about the interesting ways we can use drinks in the kitchen.


Not so fast! Before you down that beer, consider using it in your dinner. There are so many different types of beer in the world, and each one lends a unique flavor to your food. However, beer is generally known to add an earthy, hearty flavor to dishes. Try it in a batter or a glaze!


Soda isn’t just good for refreshing you on a hot day, it’s also an amazing ingredient. Yes, even in savory recipes! Marinate beef kabobs in Mountain Dew for a fresh, tangy flavor. Make a thick, sweet BBQ sauce from scratch with cola. It sounds strange, but we think you’ll love it.


Got some leftover wine from your last dinner party? Using wine in a recipe is a great way to quickly add some rich flavors to the dish or to enhance the dish’s existing flavor. With Chianti, a simple bolognese sauce becomes a delicious culinary adventure. A bland cut of chicken braised in white wine becomes juicy, tender, and flavorful. Give it a try!

Have you used any of these drinks in your cooking? Let us know!

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