Teriyaki Sauce

wn teriyaki 1
(Photo by Cooking Classy)

Teriyaki is a thick, sweet glaze that has won over the hearts (and bellies) of consumers all over the world. It is one of the most iconic Japanese sauces, used on top of fish, meat, vegetables, and tofu. Just like many other sauces, teriyaki has evolved over the years to fit local tastes as it spread throughout the world. When it was created in Japan, it was comprised only of soy sauce, sake, mirin, and sugar. When it reached the USA, Americans added other stronger flavors to the sauce, such as garlic and juice, making it into the teriyaki sauce that we all know and love today.

Here at WN Foods, we co-pack high quality teriyaki sauces, cooked with the finest ingredients. If you would like us to manufacture your teriyaki recipe, or if you would like our food science team to help you develop your own teriyaki sauce, please contact us at (510) 487-8877 or kkhov@wnfoods.com.

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(Photo by Simply Yummy)