Dipping Sauces of the World

Every day, people all around the world with all different culinary backgrounds and tastes dip their food in a dipping sauce. Whether they’re dipping a potsticker, a pretzel, or pita bread, they dip them in one of the world’s many delicious dipping sauces. Let’s take a look at a few of these dipping sauces from around the globe!

Queso Fundido

It’s hard to resist a plate of nachos, especially when they come with this ultra-cheesy Queso Fundido from Mexico! It’s made with a variety of cheeses, chorizo, and fresh salsa. We’re getting hungry just thinking of the melty texture of the cheese with the crunch of the nacho chips and the burst of flavor from the chorizo. Try it out!

Baba Ghanouj

Don’t be afraid of the name! Baba Ghanouj is an amazing dipping sauce often served with pita bread as a starter in Middle Eastern cuisine. With tahini, eggplant, and herbs, this sauce is sure to be a flavorful and smooth companion to whatever you choose to dip in it!

Sweet Mustard

We know many of you have tried our Double Hi Chinese Mustard, but have you tried Bavarian Sweet Mustard? It’s more gentle and less pungent than its Chinese counterpart, but still packed full of flavor. Try using it as a dipping sauce for a juicy sausage or a soft baked pretzel!


Coming all the way from the Maghreb region of Africa, Chermoula is a simple but delectable dipping sauce comprised of lemon juice, oils, and herbs. This zesty sauce is often paired with meat dishes like kebabs, so we recommend trying it at your next summer BBQ. We think it will be a hit with your guests!

Ponzu Sauce

Here at WN Foods, we talk about Ponzu Sauce a lot, but it’s because we love it so much! We just can’t get tired of that savory soy sauce mixed with the tangy bit of yuzu. That combination creates a truly unique flavor for shabu shabu and gyoza. Yum!

What’s your favorite dipping sauce? Let us know!

Here at WN Foods, we co-pack high quality sauces, cooked with the finest ingredients. If you would like us to manufacture your sauce recipe, or if you would like our food science team to help you develop your own sauce, please contact us at (510) 487-8877 or wingnienfoods@gmail.com.