Dipping Sauces of the World

Dipping Sauces of the World

Here at WN Foods, we believe that life is more beautiful with dipping sauces. Plain old chips or bland fries can be completely transformed with the right one. That must be why so many cultures around the world have their own. Let’s take a look at a few of the world’s dipping sauces!

Ponzu Sauce

This Japanese sauce is simple, but extremely flavorful and versatile. Soy sauce and lemon juice aren’t a combination we’re used to in the US, but believe us when we say that it’s amazing, and pairs well with everything from gyoza to shabu shabu.

Curry Ketchup

Curry ketchup is a spiced ketchup popular all around Europe, but especially Germany. It’s typically served with fries or meat, and is a hit because of its complex but approachable flavor. If you’re bored of plain old ketchup, definitely give this one a try!

Lingonberry Sauce

You may know this sauce from a certain Swedish furniture chain. Lingonberry sauce is a tart dipping sauce from Sweden, often paired with meatballs. We know it sounds like an unusual flavor combination, but it’s really delicious!


This dipping sauce is popular worldwide, from the Mediterranean to the Middle East. It’s made of ground sesame seeds and is served with anything from falafel to raw vegetable slices. What would you eat tahini sauce with?

Sweet & Sour Sauce

Sweet & sour sauce is an iconic Chinese condiment, usually used with chicken or as a dipping sauce for egg rolls. We can’t get enough of the rich, tangy flavor. That’s why we started selling our sweet & sour sauce in bottles in our online store!

Have you tried any of these dipping sauce before? Which one would you like to try first?

Here at WN Foods, we co-pack high quality sauces, cooked with the finest ingredients. If you would like us to manufacture your sauce recipe, or if you would like our food science team to help you develop your own sauce, please contact us at (510) 487-8877 or wingnienfoods@gmail.com.