One Pan Recipes

Whether you are cooking for yourself or an entire family, cooking can sometimes be such a chore. Make things easier on yourself with these one pan recipes using WN Foods sauces!

Sriracha Chicken & Veggies

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Looking for a balanced meal that can be made quickly and easily? Try this one pan sriracha veggie dish! It offers the perfect amount of heat and sweetness to compliment the juicy chicken and fresh vegetables, and you only have to use one pan, so cleaning up the kitchen after dinner will be nice and easy. We think it tastes great with steamed rice on the side, but eat it as you like.

Honey Garlic Salmon

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Many people think that cooking fish at home is too difficult due to the intensive preparation process, but with this honey garlic salmon recipe using pre-cut salmon fillets, making a delicious and nutritious fish dish is a breeze. This meal can be enjoyed with a simple side dish like rice or green beans, or it can be eaten by itself like the crown jewel it is!

Sweet & Sour Chicken

This one pan sweet & sour chicken recipe is already easy as pie to make, but you can save even more time by making it with our Longevity Sweet & Sour Sauce so that you don’t have to mix the delicious sweet & sour sauce yourself! Though the recipe suggests using snow peas and carrots, you can use any of your favorite vegetables. We personally love adding in some broccoli, green beans, and bell peppers.

Frozen Potstickers

These are more like instructions than a recipe, but did you know that you only need one pan to heat up frozen potstickers? Using a method called steam frying (covering a pan of frozen potstickers, water, and oil till they are both steamed on the top and fried crispy on the bottom), you can make frozen potstickers taste as good as new! This one is especially good for families that make potstickers in bulk and freeze them for future meals.

Fried Rice

(Photo by Averie Cooks)

Takeout fried rice is one of the most beloved fast Chinese foods in the country. What fans of this dish may not know is that can be made with one pan at home with this convenient recipe! Like the previously mentioned sweet & sour chicken recipe, you can also add any of your preferred vegetables to this fried rice dish. Enjoy!

What are your favorite one pan recipes? Which one would you like to try first? Let us know!

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