Seasonal Autumn Ingredients

Autumn has officially arrived in the northern hemisphere. To celebrate, let’s have a look at some seasonal Autumn ingredients!


Squash is everywhere in Autumn cooking, especially butternut squash, kabocha, and pumpkins. Pumpkins are usually used in sweet recipes such as pumpkin pie, but most other squashes are used in a variety of savory dishes. These meals can be as simple as pan roasted kabocha squash, and as decadent as curried butternut squash soup.


There is nothing quite like biting into a hot roasted chestnut on a chilly Autumn evening. These nuts can be gathered directly from the tree or bought in bags from the grocery store, then used in a huge range of Autumn cooking. Chestnut desserts like cakes and crepes are especially popular, but we recommend trying them in savory recipes like this chestnut stuffing.


Every Autumn, we are gifted with sweet, plump persimmons. There are actually several varieties of this fruit, each with its own unique but delicious flavor. They are a joy to eat raw, but you can also use them in your home cooking. Persimmon salad is absolutely wonderful, as is persimmon bread.


If you’ve ever been in a forest in Autumn, you’ve probably noticed mushrooms springing up from the moist soil. Not all of these are edible, so please don’t pick any wild mushrooms without consulting an expert. Instead, try picking up shiitake, portobello, or chanterelle mushrooms at the grocery store and use them in one of these tasty mushroom recipes.


Autumn marks the art of pomegranate season. The juicy beads inside this fruit resemble rubies, and they taste wonderfully tangy. It can be tricky to remove them, but once you get the hang of it, there are plenty of awesome pomegranate recipes waiting for you to try, such as pomegranate couscous and roasted brussels sprouts with pomegranates and hazelnuts.

What are your favorite Autumn ingredients? Which ones would you like to try? Let us know!

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