Types of Ramen Broth

WN Ramen

WN Foods just released a Miso Ramen Base that you mix with water to create a delicious broth, and we’re working to create more flavors in the future. Let’s take a look at miso ramen broth and a few of our other options!


As it says in the name, miso ramen broth is made with miso, a fermented Japanese soy paste. The rich umami (savory) flavor of this broth pairs well with any topping you can think of! It’s a great option for warming yourself up on cold days.


Tonkotsu broth is made with pork bones. It’s often creamy, full of complex flavors, and very filling. Toppings like fish cakes and eggs really soak up the prominent taste of the broth. Doesn’t it make you hungry?


Soy sauce is the most important player in shoyu ramen broth. It sounds simple, but together with the chicken stock, ginger, and kombu, it creates a symphony of various different delicious flavors. We can’t wait to make this one for our wonderful customers!


Shio ramen gets its taste simply from salt. It’s a clear, light broth that is great for ramen newbies and veterans alike. Its straightforward but tasteful flavor makes it easy to pair with all your favorite toppings!

Have you tried any of these ramen broths before? Which type of would you like to try first?

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